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"This shall be my faith!"

Because of my inborn wickedness and weakness so far it has been impossible for me to satisfy God’s claims. 

If I may not believe that God, for Christ’s sake, will forgive me the daily mourned lag, it would be over with me. 

I would have to despair, but I won’t let that happen. 
Like Judas hang myself on a tree, I will not do that. 
I will hang myself (cling) to the neck or foot of Jesus Christ, like the sinful woman. 

Even though I am worse then her, I will hold tight to my Lord. 

Then he will speak to the Father: 

Though (he) never kept any (promises) and broke each of your commandments, 
Father, but (he) clings to me. 
Never mind! 
I died for him as well. 
Let him slip through.’ 

This shall be my faith!

--Martin Luther