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Dr. Ian Osborn on Scrupulosity


  1. This is terrific. What do you think about some of it being warfare? I said Lord these thoughts are not from the Lord or me in Christ but the world, flesh, devil. I rebuke the devil and trust you with these thoughts. I have no regret because my sins are forgiven by you at the cross, so my guilt and shame and fears are gone. This is how I treated my OCD, horrible thoughts that were intrusive, by trusting in Christ and the gospel. What do you think. I have been really good even if a thought came it was in the back of my mind for a little while and not magnified in the forefront of my mind. I so agree with that God wants to grow me in my faith and trust Him with my mental illness. I was told 18 years ago I had skitzo-effective. My last two and a half years have been amazing as by the teaching I have received I have began to live a wonderful life, even when hard times come. Thanks

  2. All sickness has its origins in the Enemy, and got its foothold in a perfect creation through sin. And of course the Opposition uses whatever weapons he can against each individual Christian. But the promise of Romans 8:28 tells us that God turns the tables on that kind of thing and uses even our suffering and misfortune for our benefit. The Cross is the model of how God deals with the Opposition's antics- and there is no more powerful thing in the universe than the Cross. God uses even our suffering for our benefit!

    God's blessings, and may He continue to comfort, strengthen and uphold you until the Day when you no longer have to deal with neurobiological problems or any other kind!

  3. Yes Sir and thank you and He has and is.

  4. I am so sorry to bother you again. I was reading about Martin Luthers OCD. So it is possible to be OCD over the gospel. I think I am. Not that is the only thing, there are fears, guilt, genetic, medical trauma, hard circumstances all at the same time I got sick in my early 40's but I had just learned the gospel and the joy it brings and I moved and couldn't find teaching on it so I tried to learn it and teach it. I have been consumed with understanding it as much as I can and giving it out to all I can. Most every time I get psychotic it is concerning this in some way.

    1. Yes it is possible... some call it 'Religious Pure O'
      Google OCDLA they have plenty onfo

    2. No, it's not, for two reasons. First, you don't "get" scrupulosity or any other form of OCD "from" anything. It's a neurological disorder with a genetic basis. You might want to read my response below.

      And secondly, it's hard to see how the Gospel- "Jesus has taken away all of your sins and has given you eternal life as a completely free gift-" could "give" you anything but joy and a new life. The Law, of course, is another matter.

      The word "Gospel" means "good news." While the word is also used in a broader sense for the complete message of the New Testament, it's primary meaning is precisely that message which sets you free from all fear and guilt.

    3. I might add that the distinction between Law and Gospel is the key to being able to understand the Bible, and really the basis for all of biblical Christianity. You might want to Google it.

  5. OCD is a biological illness. A person is OCD over abnormal brain structures and biochemistry. It may manifest itself, as it did in Luther's case (and as it does in scrupulosity generally) in concern over one's salvation. The Gospel, properly understood, is a weapon against this.

    The Gospel is entirely outside of you. It isn't about you, or whether you're this, or doing that. It isn't a demand. It isn't an offer. It's a proclamation. It's a promise,

    It isn't about striving, but about resting in the knowledge that Jesus has already done everything that needs doing. It's about looking away from yourself, to HIm. It isn't something that needs to be understood, nor is it something you should feel "guilted" into "giving out." It's good news! And when you realize that you don't have to struggle or strive or be driven by guilt to do this or that to earn a salvation that is absolutely free, you will WANT to share that good news.

    It's not a "have to." It's a "get to.."

  6. Hi everyone, I am a master's counseling student studying scrupulosity and looking for persons to participate in an anonymous survey about scrupulosity and the family. If you could help me out by taking this survey (it takes about 15 min) you can be entered in a drawing for an $20 amazon gift card and I would be VERY grateful. Thanks so much!

    1. If you (temporarily) join the Group (see the link at the top of the page) you can reach the members more effectively that way.


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