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No, this blog will NOT have to move- and I owe Google an apology

I owe Google an apology. Many of us do. Yes, you can use Google and Gmail and all the other services with a good conscience after all. Google does NOT discriminate against Christianity.

There seems to have been a misunderstanding when it came to its decision to decline certain ads from Concordia Publishing House. I don't know whether CPH administrator Bruce Kintz has revised his initial position, but Google has only refused business from CPH for one particular type of ad- and for a very good reason. Given CPH's publicly expressed attitude toward confidentiality, I suspect that upon reflection it might even agree with Google.

What Google actually refused to do was to accept CPH business for its retargeting ads, which take information from a site you visit and displays ads for those items on subsequent sites you visit. Now, imagine that you are a person in a Muslim country who is considering converting to Christianity and who reads about Luther's Small Catechism on the CP…

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