It's not about your repentance, either

It was Norman Nagel, the great blessed Norman Nagel who talked about adverbs being the great enemy of the Gospel... I deeply repent, I am deeply sorry... Bah! I repent in a half-assed way, at best and I am sorry, sort of, but it's really split up and corroded. That's all we can do. Even our confession sucks. But the gracious God in Jesus Christ says, 'Be of good cheer my son, your sins are forgiven. Peace be unto you,' and all is based on Christ, not us.
- Rod Rosenbladt, Confessing Your Sins


  1. I feel really guilty over not feeling guilty. I am hard-hearted and often impenitent. Does God forgive that?

  2. Did you read the post?

    You are not commanded to "feel" anything. The fact that you are concerned demonstrates that you have contrition regardless of your emotions. All that is needed to make it repentance is faith in God's promise to forgive you- and there are no limitations on that promise.

    We are forgiven for Christ's sake, not because of our repentance or anything else we do. But it's through contrition and faith that we benefit from it.


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