You can lose your salvation. But Jesus can't lose it.


  1. Dear Pastor. I asked God for salvation and forgiveness but at the same time believed in conditional immortality (thus denying hell). Does this mean that I am not saved? Today I accept hell and am considering Confessional Lutheranism.

  2. Well, first, you don't "ask God for salvation." He's given it to you, freely. All who believe HAVE salvation. He seals the gift in baptism. It's not something you have to apply for!

    Secondly, even if you still denied hell, if you believe you were saved (though it's hard to tell what you could believe that you were saved FROM!). And in any event, if Saul of Tarsus could be forgiven for having been a persecutor of Christians and a bigoted murderer, don't you think you can be forgiven for having been wrong about hell at some previous point in your life?

    Yes. You are as forgiven as you can be. Your baptism has the last word. Believe it!


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