"Sad alumni of the Church"

I wish I'd heard this talk by Dr. Ron Rosenbladt before I went looking for answers for some of the very experiences he describes in places where answers weren't to be found. But if you have a problem with scrupulosity, I have a hunch that Dr. Rosenbladt has something to say to you, too.

In fact, I think you'll probably wonder how he knows your life story.

Hopefully you aren't an "alumnus" of the Church; after all, you're reading this. But even if you are- especially if you are-  this is meant for you.

And if you are still within the Church, I have a hunch that this is still your story. And Dr. Rosenbladt has the only answer.


  1. I stopped listening after three minutes because he dismissed the Episcopal church as being irrelevant suggesting that fundamentalist Christianity is superior. My experience with fundamentalist Christianity has been very bad and my experience with the Episcopal Church has been much better. Dr. Rosenbladt clearly does not have the only answer.

    1. If you listened more carefully you would have heard that Dr. Rosenbladt wasn't talking about "fundamentalist" Christianity so much as historic Christianity that is faithful to the biblical witness. That people can come up with all sorts of "answers" which satisfy them is not in dispute. The issue is whether it matters whether the answer corresponds to what Jesus and His apostles actually taught- and whether one sees the function of one's spiritual life as vindicating one's own preferences, or dealing with the ultimate realities involved in dealing with one's relationship with his or her Creator.

      I'm glad your experiences with the Episcopal church have been pleasant. However, it is worth noting that it is currently under suspension from the worldwide Anglican Communion precisely because of its departure from "what has been taught always, everywhere, and by all."

      God created us in His own image; we don't get to create our own god in our own. Dr. Rosenbladt's point is that honesty engaging the biblical witness is apt to result in an even better outcome than merely begging the question.

      Dr. Rosenbladt certainly doesn't have "the only answer." But he does have the only answer that works. If you had listened to the rest of the video you might have been able to consider it. It still isn't too late.


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