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Keeping the main thing the main thing

The promise should always be in sight. Because of His promise. God wishes to be gracious and to justify for Christ's sake, not because of the Law or our works. In this promise timid consciences should seek reconciliation and justification. By this promise they should sustain themselves and be confident that they have a gracious God for Christ's sake, because of His promise. So works can never make a conscience peaceful. Only the promise can.~Phillip Melanchthon, "Defense of the Augsburg Confession," V (III), 59

Medicine for your sickness

Those who feel their weakness, who are anxious to be rid of it and desire help, should regard and use the sacrament as a precious antidote against the poison in their systems. For here in the sacrament, you receive from Christ's lips the forgiveness of sins, which contains and conveys God's grace and Spirit with all His gifts, protection, defense, and power against death and the devil and all evils.

--Martin Luther, the Large Catechism, The Sacrament of the Altar