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Just before He died on the cross, Jesus cried out a word which our English Bibles typically translate, "It is finished!" In the Greek of the New Testament, that word is "Tetelestai!"

The word has an interesting history. In the world of the First Century, it was the word which merchants would write across cancelled bills. "It is finished!" is a perfectly legitimate translation of "tetelestai." But especially given its common usage at the time when Jesus spoke the Aramaic words rendered by it in the Bible, it would be perfectly legitimate to translate it "Paid in full!"

Christians with OCD spend a great deal of their time worrying about whether they have sinned. But the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross covers all sins, whether we realize that they are sins or not. We don't have to torture ourselves trying to figure out whether this or that is a sin. Neither do we have to compulsively jump through the hoop of confessing each and every si…