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Ecce homo!: A sermon for Good Friday

John 19:5

Good Friday

Anybody who’s seen the movie "Fat Man and Little Boy" will remember the incident.

Dr. Michael Merriman and the other scientists of the Manhattan Project were excited. A critical experiment was about to be performed which, if successful, would prove that the atomic bomb was a practical idea. A plutonium sphere was being surrounded by neutron-reflecting tungsten carbide blocks, which reduce the mass necessary for the plutonium to go critical. That’s just a fancy way of saying that they were putting that chunk of plutonium on a hair trigger, to facilitate a small-scale experiment it ordinarily would have taken a much larger and more dangerous chunk of the stuff to perform.

As the last brick was being lowered into place, everybody leaned forward in expectation. One of the scientists had been drinking a cup of tea. He set it down next to him- not realizing that he was putting it on the very edge of a chair. The cup fell- and shattered. The man lower…

From C.S. Lewis

A prayer by Martin Luther

Dear Lord Jesus Christ, I feel my sins. They bite and gnaw and terrify me. Where shall I go? I look to You, Lord Jesus, and believe in You. Although my faith is weak, I cling to You and am made sure, for You have promised, "He who believes in Me shall have everlasting life." Even if my conscience is burdened and my sins frighten me and make me tremble, You still have said, "My son, be of good cheer; your sins are forgiven you. I will raise You up on the Last Day, and you will have eternal life." I cannot help myself by my own strength. I come to You for help. Amen. (Martin Luther)