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Avoiding mindlessness about mindfulness

Any Christian who has an interest in mental health issues, let alone struggled with them, is aware of the problems caused by ignorant teachers. All too often well-intentioned pastors and others sound off on subjects they know very little about- and do a great deal of damage.

I've mentioned Neil Anderson and the damage his approach to OCD can do. He has no concept of the biological basis of OCD, and as a result his books often make the situation of Christians who are afflicted by it worse rather than better. "Christian counseling" generally needs to be approached with discernment. Because a person is a Christian doesn't mean that he or she has the proper credentials, experience, background, or knowledge to be of help.

Of course one also needs to be aware of the background and presuppositions of teachers and therapists who do have those credentials. The presuppositions of many psychologists and schools of psychology are incompatible with the Christian faith. That shou…

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